Bridal Hair Clips For Short Hair – Which One To Choose?


Bridal Hair ClipsWhile short hair is a chic look, it can seem difficult to accessorize for your wedding day. This can be easier than you think thanks to bridal hair clips! By choosing to incorporate bridal hair clips into your headpiece, you can choose from many styles including wedding hair bands, tiaras and flower hair pieces for weddings. Bridal hair clips will not only keep your accessories firmly clipped to your short locks, but they can also be your only hair accessories as they are both decorative and classy.

Hair bands for weddings are a trendy choice with the popularity of vintage weddings this year. The hair band can be plain to accentuate your hair, or can be decorated with lace to match your wedding dress. You can also attach flowers to the band with the use of bridal hair clips. Wedding headbands with ribbon are also an elegant touch to accessorize your dress, but not overwhelm your shorter hairstyle.

Wedding veil styles are accommodating shorter hair this year as well. The cage veil is short in length and can cover your face or be coiffed to the side. If you wanted a longer veil, bridal hair clips can hold the veil in place while it flows down your back, or covers your face in the traditional style. Flower weddings hair pieces are another trend for 2011, and they are still possible, and very beautiful, with short hair! You can choose smaller flowers for your headpiece so that your hair is not lost amidst the flowers, or go the completely opposite route and hold a large flower in your hair with the help of bridal hair clips!

Your beautician will be of immense help when trying to choose your bridal hairpiece. Show him or her your dress and let them know of any plans you may have to change your style before your wedding day. Your stylist will know which headpiece to choose to perfectly accentuate your hair, face and dress.

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