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Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette – Do’s And Don’ts!

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Bridal Shower Gift EtiquetteAre you planning a bridal shower and trying to find answers to questions like who pays for the bridal shower or what the bridal shower gift etiquette is? A person not immediately related to a bride usually throws a bridal shower and covers all the necessary costs associated with the event. It’s appropriate to ask other wedding party members to help out with bridal shower menu ideas or perhaps prepare bridal shower trivia questions.

Bridal shower gift etiquette suggests that each guest should come with a nicely wrapped and appropriate gift. It’s up to each invited individual to establish a monetary limit for a bridal shower gift and make sure that your gift meets bride’s needs and likes. If you are unsure what gift to give, you can never go wrong with a gift card to a nice restaurant or a spa session.

According to bridal shower invitation etiquette, it’s absolutely unacceptable to ask for money in any form in the invitation. A person in charge of throwing a bridal shower can politely suggest that a young couple is registered at a certain store or that guests are welcome to bring theme specific gifts.

Bridal shower etiquette Do’s:

Do give bridal shower theme appropriate gifts, bride pampering gift certificates or couple’s gifts in case you are invited to a Jack & Jill type bridal shower. Give as much as you can afford, generally, a bridal shower gift should cost less than a wedding gift.

Do present your bridal shower gifts in attractive packaging for an appealing presentation. Perhaps, the bride favors a certain color or theme that your gift packaging will reflect.

If you are unsure whether the bride will like your gift, by all means do include a receipt.

Bridal shower gift etiquette Don’ts:

Leaving price tags on your bridal shower gift is a major gift giving faux pas, remove them as bridal shower gift etiquette suggests.

A bridal shower gift should be as special as the bride to be, so avoid any re-gifted items, especially if she can not find any good use for them. If you did not like your former gift, chances are, the bride to be is not going to like it either.

You are generally advised to avoid giving sexually suggestive or intimate apparel presents to the bride to be unless you were specifically invited to a romantic themed bridal shower. Sex toys, lingerie or any X-rated material might embarrass any bride to be, especially if she has to open them in front of her mother or future mother in law.

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