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Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Themes For Spring – What To Consider?

By September 8, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Bridal Shower ThemesIt is typically the maid or matron of honors job to plan the bridal shower. Many brides plan to get married in late spring or early summer, thus placing the time of the bridal shower probably sometime in the spring. There are many different fun bridal shower themes to choose from. The most important thing to keep in mind is what kind of person the bride is. Is she more sophisticated? Or is she a bit earthier? Any of the bridal shower themes that are chosen should be different than any of the stag and doe themes that may have been chosen.It is important to make sure that the bridal shower themes work for the bride. After all it is her day.

A great idea, especially if the bride is looking to set up house is to do a simple theme such as an “around the house” theme. This would mean that for gifts each guest would bring a gift that could be used around the house such as bedroom sheets for the master bedroom.

Another simple yet effective bridal shower them is an “around the clock” theme. In the invitation state what time of day the gift should correspond too. For example if the guest receives an invitation that says 7 a.m. they could perhaps buy a new coffee maker for morning coffee.

For the sophisticated bride, there are many bridal shower themes that would be perfect for the bride to be. One of these could be an elegant tea party. Serve organic teas and scones. Have beautiful teacups that may also be given as party favors. For this type of party there are many bridal shower decoration ideas such as an English rose garden or tulips to celebrate spring.

No matter what theme is decided on, be sure that there are fun bridal shower games and activities that will keep the guests entertained as well as make the day special for the bride. A couple games that may be considered are a trivia game. Ask questions relating to the bride and see which guest knows the bride best. Be sure to have many fun bridal shower games as well as door prizes for the winners of the games as well.

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