Bridesmaid Dresses By Color – 10 Best Colors For 2012!


Bridesmaid Dresses By Color After the royal wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Kate, many thought dresses resembling Pippa Middleton’s cream colored bridesmaid gown would be the ones to fly off the racks. Surprisingly, many designers are showing bridesmaid dresses by color, and they are colors that range anywhere from bold, to muted, to neutral. Read on to decide which 2012 colors are the best wedding colors for you:

1. Cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses are a slight step down from an electrifying neon shade, which may not be for you and is considered to be short lived, but is very hot for 2012 summer weddings.

2. Grey bridesmaid dresses are a very hot tone to wear. Light grey, dark grey, and even charcoal grey look surprisingly sophisticated and chic for a wedding taking place during any season.

3. Petal pink is another beautiful and popular shade with a vintage appeal. If shopping for vintage bridesmaid dresses by color, ivory and beige are also among the most popular to wear.

4. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses are also featured by designers on the run way, have a richness about them, and can be worn versatility during spring, summer, and even fall.

5. Chocolate brown is still a highly popular color worn by bridesmaids for fall weddings. Able to be paired with neutrals like cream and topaz, they also look great when worn with a pop of color like sage green or baby blue.

6. Gilver-a mix between gold and silver is a hot hue for 2012 bridesmaids. The color incorporates some sparkle and shine, making it pairable with gold or silver jewelry.

7. Yellow has come a long way. While it is still worn in a pale tone for spring and summer, daring brides to be are having their bridesmaids wear it in brighter and matted tones for summer into fall weddings.

8. Lapis is a mix between purple and blue and is highly desirable. Jeweled toned, this color looks great on warm or cool skin tones.

9. Teal is popular thanks to the retro trend in full effect for 2012 into 2013. Bright, lively, and playful; this color complements a spring or summertime wedding.

10. Coral is a beautiful color for a beach, spring, or summer time wedding. This vibrant tone complements bronzed bodies and photographs beautifully, while providing a pop of color and interest, without taking attention away from the bride.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses by color, check to see if any of these favorable colors of 2012 are available and right for your wedding color scheme needs.

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