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Bridesmaids Bouquets – Faux Bouquet Alternatives!

By June 22, 2011September 25th, 2012No Comments

Bridesmaids BouquetsBridesmaids play a very important role in any wedding celebration and deserve to carry unique and innovative bridesmaids’ bouquets. The trend of faux bridesmaids’ bouquets is quickly becoming an attribute of the past.

Modern day bridesmaids’ bouquets could be arranged many different ways besides your traditional “hold in your hand” bouquets. Calla lily wedding bouquets for bridesmaids could be strategically placed in intricate baskets or purses for an interesting touch. Bridesmaids’ bouquets could be replaced by flower wreaths or floral pomanders to really stand out during your wedding ceremony. Orchid wedding bouquet could be transformed into delicate flowery corsages that could be worn on wrists or attached to bridesmaids’ dresses.

Mix and match bridesmaid’s bouquets could be accomplished by combining various flowers of the same color or different shades – same flower. Your main inspiration for creating unique bridesmaids’ bouquets should be the overall wedding theme and your bridesmaids’ dresses that will ultimately limit the choices for their bouquets. Avoid making heavy or awkwardly shaped bouquets to your bridesmaids; choose smaller and more compact bouquets so your bridesmaids feel comfortable during your wedding celebration.

Another idea for faux bouquet alternatives is not to use flowers at all and create mock bouquets using unexpected items like feathers, paper or fabric blooms, beads, pearl or crystal bouquet pins, buttons, vintage or funky broaches, and other innovative materials. You will be amazed how great these bridesmaids’ bouquets can look and can save you lots of money in the end.

Do it yourself wedding flowers venue is becoming incredibly popular nowadays allowing couples to cut their wedding costs considerably, especially if the average prices of floral wedding décor range from $500 to $3,000. If you would like to learn more, read our other article on the website how to create your own table flower arrangements.

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