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Candy Bars At Wedding Receptions – Do’s And Don’ts!

By August 28, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Candy Bars At Wedding ReceptionsIf you are considering a wedding dessert buffet for your reception, you might want to consider a candy bar buffet. Wedding candy buffets can be fun, but quite costly as well. Candy buffet bags can be used for your favors, but if you plan on having a wedding cake and a dessert buffet, you may have too many sweets! Candy bars at wedding receptions are a nice compromise as they offer your guests something sweet before dinner, or in between dinner and cake, but they are not overly expensive and can create a classy touch. Here are some do’s and don’ts for candy bars at wedding receptions:

Do: Offer candy bars at wedding receptions if you are also offering wedding cake.
Don’t: Give your guests candy bars at wedding receptions if that is the only dessert.

Do: Offer a candy bar buffet before the main dinner if you also have finger foods for wedding reception guests.
Don’t: Just offer sugary snack to your guests as there may be some people who have dietary restrictions when it comes to sugar.

Do: Customize the candy bars at wedding receptions. This can be a great wedding favor!
Don’t: Customize a lot of different candy bars as this can be expensive. Choose two to four varieties and have a label with your names and wedding date affixed to the bars.

Do: Offer your guests bags to take candy bars home.
Don’t: Spend money on additional favors. Candy bars, whether customized or not, are a nice gift and additional money on wedding favors can be saved or spent on other areas of your wedding.

Do: Make sure that you have enough candy bars for each guest to enjoy at least two.
Don’t: Go overboard and purchase too many. You will be stuck with candy bars long after the honeymoon is over!

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