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Cathedral Length Veil With Beaded Edge Vs Scattered Rhinestones

By December 15, 2012No Comments

Cathedral Length VeilA cathedral length veil is one of the most popular veil choices with brides to be. These veil styles look classy, traditional, and formal when worn during a bridal ceremony and reception. Some of the most popular embellishments featured on this long veil are beads and scattered rhinestones. Read on to learn which type of embellishment will best complement your bridal gown, personal style, and venue needs on your big day!

Much like a drop veil, cathedral length veils are chosen because they help create a formal look for a traditional style wedding. If your ceremony is being held in a church and followed by a formal or black tie affair, a cathedral length veil with beading around the edges is the best embellishment for you. Beaded veils also enhance intricate beadwork on bridal gowns and subtly add style as your back is turned to your guests. Beaded edges on veils are for you if are elegant, lady like, reserved, and preppy.

A cathedral length veil that boasts scattered rhinestones is the best embellishment for you if your wedding is more on the semi-formal side outdoors, as the jewels will catch the natural light and sparkle and shine throughout your special event. If you love sparkly princess-y things, then you need to have a sparkly veil! Rhinestones on a veil also play up rhinestones and other sparkly beadwork on bridal gowns. Rhinestones are for you if you consider yourself a glamour girl, have a playful personality, and tend to be dramatic. Your guests are sure to notice that you are sprinkled in sparkles as your back is turned towards them during your ceremony.

No matter which style of veil embellishment you choose, you can be sure that they will both complement wedding hair with veil. Whether you choose to wear your hair down and relaxed, or pulled back and tight, you are sure to be noticed in your long, embellished veil.

A cathedral length veil will make you look like a traditional bride, while bead work or rhinestones will reflect your personality and style.

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