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CD Wedding FavorsCD wedding favors are a modern touch to wedding receptions. If you want to give your guests a token of your appreciation for their support, and you are looking for unique wedding favor ideas, consider CD wedding favors for each of your guests. With the advance of technology in home computers, a wedding CD can also be an idea for homemade wedding favors.

When deciding what to put on your CD, there are many options as CD wedding favors are very versatile. You can make a music CD and choose songs that you have selected for your wedding reception so that your guests take home a memory of the night. You can also choose your favorite songs together, or separately, and your friends and family will have a token of who both of you are through music. Consider putting your parents wedding song, and your in-laws wedding song, on the CD. You could also find music that meant something to you and your respective families as you were growing up, complete with music that defines your relationship.

Alternatively, you could do a photo CD that your guests could later view on their computers. An extensive collection of photos is one of the best ways to bring back great memories of the newlyweds’ life stories. You could begin the collection with cute childhood pictures of the bride and groom, followed by their teenage years and university life, and their dating history. To make the photo CD more special, you may add photos of your favorite things and places. And most importantly, don’t forget to include pictures of your friends and family. After all, they are a part of your history and would sure enjoy being reminded of some nostalgic moments spent together with you. Note that including lots of funny pictures is an easy trick to make your photo CD favor more memorable since everyone likes a good laugh!

A traditional example of a wedding favor is bombonieres. Sugary treats tucked inside lace or tulle. These are especially popular as autumn wedding favors. Other ideas for favors include mint tins, small, framed photographs, wine bottle openers, engraved key chains. However, CD wedding favors allow you to truly personalize the token gift you give to your guests. You can custom design the cover to include a picture or pictures of you as a couple. You can tuck the story of how you met into the CD, or record your story and some memories and laughter onto an mp3 track and include this with the music or photos you select. CD wedding favors are a wonderful way of giving something special to the people who are celebrating your special day with you.

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