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Cheap Personalized Wedding Favors Under Dollar Online

By September 14, 2012No Comments

Cheap Personalized Wedding FavorsEvery other couple is penny pinched today. As a result, they find it hard to find cheap personalized wedding favors that are under one dollar. Well, you don’t need to search high to buy wedding favors that come under one dollar because many online stores sell them for cheap. We did the research for you. Here are some options for cheap wedding favors that you can get to thank your guests for sharing your most memorable day with you:

Shot Glasses
Used for making a toast during weddings, couples today are now giving away shot glasses as wedding favors. So why not go for custom made shot glasses. These will not serve their purpose as wedding favors but also as a memento that one can fondly remember about. You can buy these at Discount Mugs or many other online stores.

Favor Boxes
Give your guests some “frond” memories to remember on your wedding. The perfect and cheap wedding favor boxes for your wedding would be palm tree favor boxes which have green fronds spilling over at the top. Make it even more “frondier” by blending these cheap personalized wedding favors with treats like mints or candies.
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Compact mirrors
Compact mirrors make fantastic party favors for weddings. Sold in every shape, size and especially in beautiful design, these are dual faced, quite functional and certainly a must-have for every woman.
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Crystal Favors
Crystal favors are that one of the unique wedding favor ideas that look expensive but can actually be purchased under dollar online when bought in bulk. This is an affordable way to sprinkle elegance into your wedding. These sparkling, dazzling and yet cheap personalized wedding favors come in a variety of styles and shapes like key chains, Cinderella glass slippers, small bells, long-stemmed crystal roses etc.
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Lip Balms
Truly one of most useful cheap personalized wedding favors under dollar. These accents, which come in sticks and container forms, are sold in many colors and adorable designs. Quite handy that they are, they give a provoking pucker to your lips ala Angelina Jolie.

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