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Cheap Short Purple Bridesmaid Dresses Online Shopping Guide

By February 4, 2013No Comments

Short Purple Bridesmaid DressesWhen it comes to selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress for your ladies, have you narrowed down your choices to something that is cheap, short, and purple? Smart choice, considering that purple is the new black, and is a flattering color for most skin tones and figures, especially your plus size bridesmaids. If so, you can shop online at a variety of bridal boutiques and stores to help meet your criteria. Read on to learn where you can get short purple bridesmaid dresses that are relatively cheap and fabulous, online!

One online store you must check out for cheap bridesmaid dresses is Ruche. Ruche boasts affordable and trendy designs for $100 or less. The great thing about shopping this stylish site is that you can purchase a short purple dress that you can wear again and again to other events thanks to their wearable and pairable design elements. They also have many patterned designs if you wish to have some bridesmaids wear solid designs and some bridesmaids wear purple patterned bridesmaid dresses. The site is also a must shop store if you are planning to incorporate a vintage theme into your wedding day. Ruche’s designs boast layers of lace, ruffles, tulle, and even polka dots to fit your style needs and your budget.

Modcloth is another must shop site if you want cheap purple bridesmaid dresses for a fraction of the price. They have a large selection of casual or special occasion dresses in every shape and style. If you think knee length gowns are too short, you can shop their knee length bridesmaid dresses in any purple tone. Most special occasion gowns are $250 or less, while the casual dresses are about $100 or less. The designs are fashion forward, creative, and completely unique. Who said you can’t have it all for less?

David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo are also some of the most reputable wedding retailers around that allows you to shop in their stores and online. If you are in need of cheap short purple bridesmaid dresses, you can count on these stores to give you a casual style for a small price tag. Most of their short dresses are priced around $125 or less, and are high quality pieces. Both are names you can trust since they have been in the wedding retail business for many years.

Shop around for the perfect short purple bridesmaid dresses on one of the four online sites given above to find a casual gown that fits your three main criteria-short, purple, and cheap! And don’t forget to pick up a pair of eye-catching sparkly purple shoes for your wedding gown. You may not want purple shoes for your bridesmaids’ short purple dresses as it may be too overwhelming to have your ladies dressed in purple head to toe, but the shoes will sure look stylish under your white dress!

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