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Cheap Spring Wedding Flowers For Blue Colored Wedding

By January 19, 2013No Comments

Spring Wedding FlowersIf you are on a budget, you should not have to sacrifice quality when it comes to picking the best blue colored spring wedding flowers for your upcoming wedding. Blue flowers for weddings are elegant, beautiful, and easy to pair with a number of neutral colors and prints for your blue colored wedding theme, from spring wedding decorations to bridesmaid dresses. They can even be incorporated into your bridesmaids’ bouquets to match or complement your own. However, the cost of wedding flowers can be high. Here are some cheap blue flowers ideas that you may consider incorporating into your spring wedding bouquet.

Hydrangeas are perfect to add to your spring bridal bouquet because they are classic and cheap! Many florists do not charge more than $10 or $15 to add a small amount into your bouquet because they can access it from their own garden or on the grounds of their business. You can easily spend less than $50 if you wish to carry a bridal bouquet completely of hydrangea for your spring wedding. Their blooms look delicate and feminine paired up against a beautiful bridal gown and will not wilt throughout the event.

Blue bells are also pretty and affordable blue spring wedding flowers. They are unusual but adorable, and will help create a completely unexpected bouquet to carry, which is perfect for brides who prefer a simple yet unique modern bridal bouquet. These spring wedding flowers are relatively cheap and can be added to your bouquet for less than $20 for a large section. If you are having a vintage wedding, they will look modern but antiquated and completely complement lace dresses. Blue bells will also complement yellow bridesmaid dresses as the two tones contrast but complement each other.

Another type of cheap but adorable spring wedding flowers is deep blue corn flowers. They look feminine yet rustic and are ideal for an outdoor spring ceremony. They can be paired with leafy green accents and eve sprigs of lavender berries and wrapped together in a thick but interesting twine.

You can even opt to select blue tinted tulips. They are subtle and classy, while remaining completely cost friendly. A small bundle can be yours for around $50 or less.

These pretty but cheap spring flowers will complement everything from your décor to your tiffany blue wedding shoes. And don’t be shy with color combination ideas since bright colored bridal themes are quickly regaining popularity. Be sure to consider some of the blue spring wedding flowers ideas listed above to feature in your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, but don’t forget that by adding purple, lavender, or yellow floral accents to your bouquet, you could give an instant chic stylish uplift to your simple bridal bouquet.

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