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Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Online – Top 10 Picks!

By September 16, 2012No Comments

Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Having a budget wedding, you have personally looked into and bought affordable wedding supplies. And now you are looking for cheap wedding cake toppers that reflect your personality and wedding theme but most importantly, one that comes within your budget. Here are 10 amazing ideas for different cheap wedding cake toppers online stores have to offer:

1. Why go for the “same-old, same-old”, “run-of-the-mill” cake toppers to keep your budget in check? You can order unique wedding cake toppers made from alternative materials. Instead of going for resin and clay figurines, you can order wedding cake toppers that are whimsically and delicately made from gum paste, fondant, icing or caramelized edible sugar beads.

2. Opt for theme based wedding cake toppers. This theme based wedding cake toppers reflect both of your personalities and choice of theme. From music to sports to wedding theme to birds, you can have these ordered online at an affordable price.

3. And if you happen to be a June bride or a Fall couple or if you want your cheap wedding cake toppers to complement the season in which you want to get married you can order season based cake toppers online. Let’s take Fall for ex. where you can incorporate a lot of maple leaves all over the cake or cornucopia as your cake topper. If you want to symbolize your spring wedding, add a lot of butterflies or a blooming tree etc. as your cake topper.

4. Customized wedding cake toppers are always favored and in demand. You can tell your cake decorator to make your topper look like you and the groom by recreating the obvious details in your wedding dress, hairstyle etc. You can also have him create figurines that match your faces or create bobble heads, if you provide him with your photo. These may not be as cheap to make but are sure attention grabbers.

5. With an aim to break the solemnity or the emotional high drama of a wedding, couples are now looking forward to incorporate funny wedding cake toppers. You can purchase figurines like “Runaway Bride” or ala “Mr. & Mrs. Smith or “Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom” etc for relatively cheap online. Those will sure inspire some funny wedding toasts from your guests!

6. Wedding cake monogram toppers add a personal and intimate touch to your wedding cake. They are not only affordable but are also great add-ons for your future home décor. Usually made from either acrylic, or porcelain or aluminum steel, these single lettered monogram are made with the first letter of the bride’s and the bridegroom’s name. These are further accentuated with either crystal or rhinestones or simply silver brushed and are held in place with the help of picks, prongs that can be slid into the cake without damaging it.

7. Vintage inspired wedding calls for vintage wedding cake toppers. Belonging to the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s era, these toppers are usually made from porcelain and wood. These toppers are now found not only in vintage shops but also online for cheap.

8. Destination toppers is another top pick for the cheap wedding cake toppers online stores always have in stock. If the destination for your wedding is sun, sand and surf aka beach wedding, your cake topper should be complemented with the wedding figurines being portrayed as if you are a beach or the wedding cake topper can be a starfish or sea shells etc.

9. Instead of placing figurines on your wedding cake why not go for personalized photo wedding cake toppers. All you need to do is hand over your best of your photo to your cake decorator. Using sturdy acrylic, your wedding cake decorator will create a back to back photo framed topper which can be viewed from either side.

10. If both of you are Disney fans and want to capture the magic of Disney, the best way to do is to have cheap wedding cake toppers with Disney figurines like Mickey & Minnie Mouse or Beauty & the Beast or Barbie etc. These figurines are going to add a charming touch to your fairy-tale inspired special day.

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