Cheap Wedding Favor Boxes and Bags – 10 Best Online Retailers!


Cheap Wedding Favor BoxesA couple to be wed faces hundreds of choices to make before their big celebration, including what wedding favors to buy and how to wrap them. An average wedding gathers 100 to 130 guests, buying that many guest tokens of appreciation can cost you quite a bit of money. Despite a large number of guests you can still come up with tasteful and cheap wedding favor ideas that your guests will take home and actually put to good use.

Please take some time to browse through our top 10 list of best online retailers offering a wide assortment of small gifts and cheap wedding favor boxes and bags:

1. My Wedding is your #1 source for practical and themed favors that could be ordered along with cheap wedding favor boxes to put a nice finishing touch on your gifts for guests.

2. American offers cheap wedding favor boxes and bags according to themes, colors, styles and shapes. Pick boxes shaped as Chinese take out containers as a perfect compliment for your Asian themed wedding to put delicious chocolates or wedding candy favors.

3. Bayleys does not go easy on their colors. Even the craziest shaped and colored boxes could be found at this online retail store for a relatively cheap price. Choose from pyramid, flower and purse shaped containers to pack your soaps, lotions and even honey wedding favors.

4. does not fall short on their selection of cheap wedding favor boxes that are presented at mind boggling shapes, sizes and colors. Miniature wicker baskets, paper takeout containers, metal tins and even fabric pouches can hold your treasured favors you are preparing for your cherished guests and family.

5. offers 24 hour online help to assist you in picking the best wraps, boxes and containers for your small tokens. Sachets, clear containers, lace bags and even wedding cake boxes are sure to become great receptacles for those tasteful favors of yours.

6. Beau is the premier destination for cheap personalized wedding favors boxes and bags. Whether you choose to engrave, emboss, print or create your own labels to embellish small wedding guests’ gifts.

7. The Knot Wedding is one of the most popular online retailers that the most professional wedding planners use to find the classiest and most unique gift boxes and wraps. Choose by color, season, design and material and come up with gifts that other brides will envy and would want to re-create.

8. Bliss Wedding is an online retailer offering cheap boxes and bags of all sizes whether you are looking for miniature candy or mint favor boxes or oversized out of town wedding guests’ gifts. Innovative glass jars, metal shaped containers and novelty wooden boxes are also available.

9. Little Things and suits even the most extreme penny pinchers enabling them to save money without sacrificing the taste. From candle pails, to eco-friendly containers, these can please any husband and wife to be.

10. Wedding Favors supplies some of the best DIY kits for crafty couples who would like to make the favors with their own hands. It’s easy – all you have to do is buy cheap containers, fillers and personalized sticker kits and you are off to create one of a kind favors.

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