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Choosing Music For Wedding – Do’s And Dont’s!

By August 12, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Music For WeddingChoosing music for wedding of any size is a very involved task. There is the wedding recessional music to think about, cocktail and dinner hour music, a song to introduce the bridal party, the first dance and music to last all night! Music for wedding day mishaps occur all of the time. Miscommunications between the happy couple and the entertainer can disappoint both parties. The music for wedding for each part of your day
is something an entertainer, whether a D.J. or a bandleader does for a living and they want your reception to be everything you want it to be. Follow these Do’s and Dont’s when you are creating your wedding reception music playlists, and when choosing all of your songs, and the process should go a little smoother!

DO: Let your entertainer know all of the songs you would like to hear. Brainstorm with family and friends to remember songs that are important to you in order to provide a complete list.
DON’T: Don’t list them in the order in which you would like them played. Your DJ/bandleader will be good at reading what your guests want to hear. For example, if the dance floor is packed and you insist on a slow song, it might clear the floor at that moment.

DO: Choose the first song you would want to dance to based upon what you and your spouse to be would like to share together.
DON’T: Don’t choose a song just because it comes from a list of unique first dance wedding songs. Your song is yours, and if it is a widely used first dance song, your dance together will make it a unique experience.

DO: Talk to your entertainer about walking down the aisle songs. Even if you are not hiring them to play music for your actual wedding, they will have a complete list of options if you want to research alternatives to “Here Comes the Bride.”
DON’T: Ask your entertainment company to come up with all of the music for wedding choices. This is your day! Music will help capture your memories.

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