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Wedding Transportation

Cinderella Carriage Rental For Wedding vs Limousine

By September 25, 2011October 27th, 2012No Comments

Cinderella CarriageHere are many options when choosing a mode of transportation to and from your wedding. Many people choose a limousine in order to show up in style. However, other means of transport can be just as memorable like horse drawn carriages, for example. Another interesting and elegant choice is a Cinderalla carriage. Classic car rentals for weddings are just as elegant and unique as a Cinderella carriage, however if your bridal party is large, you might want to look at limo bus rental instead.

A Cinderella carriage is definitely a once in a lifetime ride! You are your Prince Charming can ride off after your ceremony, and this carriage won’t turn into a pumpkin. Your guests will love it and you will feel like a princess for sure. However, if you have a large bridal party, and you want to enjoy some time with them while your guests are at the pre-dinner cocktail reception, a limousine would be a better choice. A limousine will also prepare you for any weather issues, versus a Cinderella carriage, which is exposed to all of the elements. Whether you need heat, air conditioning or shelter from unexpected rain, you are covered with a limousine.

A wedding carriage can be used at your reception to amuse guests, as carriage rides can be available during the celebration. People will line up for their chance to be Cinderella and the prince! However, if you have a lot of activities planned, you might not want to encourage your guests to enjoy an activity outside, so a limousine will be a better selection. Also, if you request that the carriage remain for the guests to ride, there will be an additional fee for time, whereas you can allow a limousine driver to depart after you arrive at the reception.

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