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Bachelorette Party

Classy Bachelorette Party Supplies – 10 Must-Buy Items!

By September 5, 2012September 7th, 2012No Comments

Classy Bachelorette Party SuppliesThrowing a bachelorette party may seem easy to many. But it is not! Especially if your BFF i.e. the bride is one classy lady. Whoever said that being a Maid of Honor is not an easy job wasn’t joking. From planning to the last minutes of bye-byes, you have to make sure, go out of your way to make ‘Her Highness’ feel like the Queen of the night. To start off, you need to scout for and buy classy bachelorette party supplies. This article brings the absolute 10 must-buy items for a classy bachelorette party the bride-to-be will never forget:

1. Get those invites ready. It is the first must-buy of your classy bachelorette party supplies. As you are throwing a classy bachelorette party, you need to buy or order customized invite which have swirls, vines or a an image of a bride printed on it.

2. Put up a bachelorette banner for the party. Let the whole world know what the festivity is about. This is the first and foremost of the bridal shower decoration ideas.

3. These are huge: fun life size cutout images. Also known as stand ups, they add a classy touch to the party. These can be bought off at any bridal party supplies store or online or can be customized as per the classy theme.

4. Other decorations that make up the classy bachelorette party supplies list include elegant decorations like balloons, silk rose petals, diamond confettis, gold or silver rhinestone ribbon wraps etc.

5. What’s a bachelorette party without fine dining? Classy bachelorette party supplies for fine dining include elegant customized paper napkins, table covers, shot glasses, cups and flutes.

6. A classy bachelorette party is considered as incomplete if a bride-to-be is not dressed up for the occasion. And for this you would need one of the classy bachelorette party kits, which include a fun T-shirt with the “bride” sign in the front, a princess crown, maybe a funky boa, and cute stickers for everyone in the party.

7. Since you are organizing a classy bachelorette party, you can either go for a crystal one or with pearls a simple one with rhinestones with a gold or silver finish.

8. A bridal “mock” veil is a must on any bachelorette party supplies list, not just the classy kind. Consider purchasing a whimsical tulle veil with dotted pearls and satin trim or two tiered tulle veil with silver trim.

9. Pack and throw some games for bachelorette parties like bridal shower bingo, memory games, quizzes and fun questionnaires for the bride etc. You may need to add more game-related items to your party supplies list, such as cute prizes for the game winners.

9. For clean bachelorette party ideas add classy favors like an embellished compact mirror, floating candles, tea light candle holders etc.

10. Add elegant centerpieces to your decorations list, such as candelabras, votive candles, carriage centerpieces, and glass/fiber slippers.

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