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Classy Wedding Invitations With Ribbon Fresh Ideas

By August 16, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Classy Wedding InvitationsYour wedding invitation is your first step to your wedding planning, and the first hint for your guests of what is to come at your ceremony and reception. There are thousands and thousands of invitation designs to choose from and you can narrow down the decision with your wedding colors and personality. Personalized wedding stationery is the best way to add a touch of you and your fiancé into your invites. Unusual wedding invitations are a unique message to send and homemade wedding invitations are a sweet token of your intention to spend the rest of your life with your spouse-to-be. If you are leaning towards classy wedding invitations, satin ribbons will add more than a touch of class.

Ribbons are a great way to send out customized wedding invitations. Classy wedding invitations can feature a bellyband ribbon wrapped all around the invite or the envelope. Bellyband ribbons can be made of satin, lace, designed cardstock and more. You can join the ribbon with a seal of your monogram, a feather or a jeweled decoration. Dress up your wedding invitations with small trinkets that add flair.

Another idea for classy wedding invitations is bows. Ribbons can be tied into bows and affixed to the invitation. If you have a smaller number of invitations, you can wrap a big bow around your invite and send the invitation in a box. You can also place a bow in the corner of the invitation and have ribbons extending from the bow. Another way of using bows to create classy wedding invitations is to use ribbon to create a vertical line on the side of your invite and place a bow at the top or bottom of the card. Ribbons are a nice touch to any invitation and they will show your guests your wedding colors and style in advance.

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