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Clear Cinderella Wedding Shoes – Your Ultimate Princess Accessory!

By December 4, 2012No Comments

Cinderella Wedding ShoesIf you have dreamed about your wedding day since you were a very little girl, you need to dress like a princess when the big day actually arrives. Piece together your dream bride image by opting for a white, puffy, strapless dress and shiny, glass Cinderella wedding shoes. Can you really have your own pair of glass slippers? Absolutely. Read on to learn all about your ultimate princess accessories and where you can shop to make this princess-like look yours for your dream day.

After you shop for princess wedding dresses, begin looking for a pair of fun wedding shoes. While you may not actually be able to walk in and wear authentic glass slippers, there are a variety of shoes that replicate this dreamy look and can pair beautifully with haute couture wedding dresses.

Designers across the globe have tried to make the whimsical and romantic Cinderella wedding shoes a reality for brides to be. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin have unleashed their glass slipper versions in their line for brides to enjoy. These are definitely two lines to shop for your dreamy wedding day accessory if you have the cash to spend. However, we can’t all afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for our childhood fantasy.

DSW realizes that all brides to be should have the option of wearing a glass inspired shoe so they teamed up with Disney to create their Glass Slipper Collection. Silver, clear, and jewel toned shoes are available for thrifty brides to be for about $75. Each pair has an image of a carriage on them and a light blue sole to remind you that your “dream” has come true.

Once you get your hands on your ideal pair of Cinderella wedding shoes, be sure to top off your princess-like look with a bridal tiara. There are many bridal tiaras to shop online that will also be yours for a very fair price. Some tiaras even cost less than $10.

While glass inspired slippers are not for everyone, you can purchase a beautiful, shiny silver shoe to obtain a similar effect and be your own version of the princess you have become, not dreamed of since childhood.

Cinderella wedding shoes are the must have accessory if you want to dress the part of the princess that you have always imagined on your wedding day.

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