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Cool Will You Marry Me Ideas

By November 13, 2012November 15th, 2012No Comments

Will You Marry Me IdeasAre you ready to ask your partner to marry you? If so, you should make the proposal special, unique, and memorable! Read on to learn about some cool will you marry me ideas that you both will never forget!

First, always remember the best way to propose is to do what feels natural and right for you, since you will be the one leading the proposal. You both should feel comfortable, not pressured, and the moment should feel completely personal.

If you are in need of unique proposal ideas, consider taping the proposal with an audio recording. Simply purchase a mini tape recorder that journalists use for their interviews, or download a voice recording app on your cell phone and set it up prior to proposal. You two will have the proposal to cherish forever and you can post it on Facebook or send via email to friends and family members far away, announcing your big news! It will make them feel as if they are also a part of your special day.

Will you marry me ideas can also be interesting and fun. If the two of you enjoy cooking, enroll in a cooking class. After spending an enjoyable day together cooking, arrange for the chef to bring out a cake with the proposal written on it. It will be completely unexpected and one of the most creative will you marry me ideas imaginable! Of course, have the ring in your pocket and be sure to snap a few images of the cake itself before you enjoy digging into a celebratory piece!

If you are in need of romantic proposal ideas, and you are both wine lovers, a few months before the actual proposal, enroll in the Wine of the Month club. A new bottle of wine will be shipped to your house each month. Contact the distributor directly and ask them to create a special label that says, “Will you marry me?” on it. It will not only be romantic, but completely unexpected and unique. You can also save the wine bottle after celebrating to view and serve as your engagement day memorabilia.

Will you marry me ideas can also involve a vacation! While on vacation, take part in a group activity that requires a third party, like a boat driver or tour guide. Bring a video camera around to your outdoor adventure, as if to capture the sights and sounds of your vacation destination. Your partner will think nothing is out of the ordinary if they see a video camera. Have the tour guide hold the camera and ask your both to say a few words on film together about your thoughts about your destination overall. This is sure to be one of the most creative ways to propose, just make sure you have the ring ready in your pocket. It will be a complete surprise to your partner and you have the engagement media to enjoy for the rest of your life!

Consider some of these unique will you marry me ideas if you are planning to ask the one that you love for their hand in marriage!

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