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Couture Bridesmaid Dresses – Go For Cheaper Look-A-Like Alternatives!


Couture bridesmaid dresses are dresses at their finest. Custom made, these designer bridesmaid dresses are one of a kind and come with a hefty price tag. Many times, you get what you pay for so investing in a couture dress may be a wise option if you can afford it. However, many brides to be are on a budget and they cannot justify spending an arm and a leg on a dress for one days wear. There are many bridesmaid dresses online and in stores that mimic a couture look, but have a significantly smaller price tag.

Lazaro bridesmaid dresses are featured in feminine and classic silhouettes and are draped in wearable fabrics like satin faced taffeta and Mikado, a brand of blended silk. Their necklines, hemlines, and embellishments are one of a kind and flatter all kinds of figures, while remaining affordable and dependable. If you can’t afford couture, these dresses are the next best thing.

If you love couture bridesmaid dresses that have hand stitching, fine fabrics, and customized design elements, Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses are a close match to couture pieces and are priced affordably. Keeping couture elements in mind, the line also takes current trends into consideration for an all-around fabulous bridal party look.

JJ’s House is also well known for selling designer inspired merchandise in the latest colors, prints, cuts, and silhouettes. The site also features special offer dresses that will entice you at 60% off as well as a section that shows the most popular bridesmaid dresses selected from the site.

Another great way to get the look of couture bridesmaid dresses is to actually wear couture pieces-or rent them! Rent the Runway is a fairly new website that allows you to select a one of a kind designer dress to rent for your special event like a wedding and simply return it when finished. The hand stitching, strategic placement of embellishments and draping, and even the finest materials can be yours! Rent the Runway is also a great site for a bridal party to visit if the bride has decided upon one color to be worn, but on different style dresses. This allows the bridesmaids to rent from their favorite designer to show off their personal style and eveningwear personality.

Before running out for a design session or to be fitted for couture bridesmaid dresses, be aware that there are many affordable alternatives to the real thing.

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