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Creative Proposal Ideas For Gay Men

By November 23, 2012No Comments

Proposal Ideas For MenWhen it comes to asking the one that you love for their hand in marriage, there truly is no right or wrong way to do it. If you are getting ready to propose to your partner, consider some of these proposal ideas for men, which will make him the happiest man on Earth!

One of the most unique marriage proposals can happen on intermission at a Broadway show. Prior to attending the production, get in contact with the venue’s manager or public relations executive to discuss making an announcement during the show’s intermission.

You may even be able to get one of the lead characters to come back on stage and make an announcement that one happy couple is about to be engaged. At that point, you can be prepared to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. It will combine romance, common interests, and an unexpected twist to a night out at the theater! You are also sure to get a huge round of applause and can even have guests seated near you photograph the proposal. Not many proposal ideas for men usually involve an entire cast and team cooperation, so it will certainly be a unique and memorable occasion for all parties involved.

Some other engagement proposal ideas include revisiting some important landmarks on your journey to falling in love. This is great to do during your anniversary dinner. You can contact the restaurant before attending the dinner to explain your idea and contract them or an outside bakery to make you a special cake with the proposal written on it. It will be the end to a perfect evening, and will make a great story if you are considering unique engagement announcement ideas; in which you will share your special day step by step with friends and family members.

Among some other proposal ideas for men can be planning a birthday party for your partner, inviting all of your friends and family members to attend, and letting them in on your proposal plans. They can all bring gifts, according to engagement party gift etiquette, all without the groom knowing they aren’t for his birthday! After the proposal, the party can switch gears and celebrate the engagement, and conclude by opening engagement gifts! It will be a huge surprise to your groom, and alleviate any future stress that comes with planning an engagement party. The happy couple can simply sit and enjoy each other, the start of their life together, and the company of their friends and family members.

If you are in need of unique and creative proposal ideas for men, be sure to consider some of the suggestions above for an unforgettable day!

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