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Cushion vs Radiant Cut Engagement Rings – Which One To Choose?

By July 30, 2012No Comments

Radiant Cut Engagement RingsChoosing an engagement ring is a very important decision since you will be wearing it with your wedding band for the rest of your life. There are many types of rings to choose from. Radiant cut engagement rings are a popular style of ring to wear for the long haul. There are many other engagement ring cuts that are popular with brides to be, specifically cushion cut. When it comes to choosing between the two, read on to help you learn about the cuts themselves, where to find them, and decide which one to choose.

Radiant cut engagement rings are defined by their rounded square or rectangular shapes. They look lovely when worn solo on a plain platinum, white gold, or silver band; and luxurious when paired with other stones on a sparkly and elaborate setting and band. Popular diamond brand and retailer, De Beers has a large selection of these rings. De Beers engagement rings embody their saying, “A diamond is forever.” The cut truly is radiant and looks exceptional when in a vintage setting.

A cushion cut engagement ring looks very similar to radiant cut engagement rings. These rings are rounded in shape and appear as if it is sitting on a cushion. Lifted upward it is usually surrounded by a layer of diamonds or other embellishments making the engagement ring sit tall and instantly get noticed. While popular over nearly a century ago, these rings are gaining in popularity again. Cathy Waterman has a gorgeous selection of cushion cut rings on her website. Cathy Waterman engagement rings are modernly elegant but incorporate engravings on each ring that looks antiquated and vintage chic.

Thinking about your own personal style will help you choose between radiant cut engagement rings and cushion cut engagement rings. If you consider yourself classically glamorous, and your go to item in your closet is a little black dress; radiant cut engagement rings are for you. If you consider your personal style eclectic chic, and your go to item in your closet is a silky jumpsuit; a cushion cut engagement ring if right up your alley.

Choosing a diamond ring is a big step toward marital bliss, but it also means making a meaningful style statement until death do you part!

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