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Cute Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas For A Fall Wedding

By September 10, 2012No Comments

 Cheap Wedding Favors IdeasWhen looking for Fall inspired cheap wedding favors ideas, many to-be-married couples go bonkers. And why wouldn’t they? That near blinding burst and riots of colors in brilliant orange, yellows and gold! Those shockingly stunning deeper hues of flora and fauna! That whiff of cinnamon, candied apples, apple and cinnamon ciders, spice cake with caramelized pears and maple frosting! These sure do drive ‘em crazy. Want to know more? Read on for more cute cheap wedding favors ideas!

Peacock wedding favors are the most sought after in a Fall wedding. Pack or buy hot apple or cinnamon ciders in cones/sachets/bags with intricate motifs of peacock insignia or feathers or blue colored satin ribbons. Or you can give blue colored candied apples blanketed with candy sprinkles. These candied apples can be bow tied with blue satin ribbons.

You want your guests to remember and cherish your wedding. What could be better than buying cheap personalized wedding favors like shot glasses, votives, coasters etc. These are not only handy and useful, but your guests will forever remember your special event.

Key chains which are our part of daily life. We use them almost everywhere as such for putting house keys, bicycle keys, wardrobes etc. Giving crystal key chains for your Fall wedding will surely be a sensible and yet cheap wedding favors ideas.

How about giving colored glass candle holders as cheap wedding party favors? Available in three colors i.e. brown, green, golden yellow, these candle holders is shaped like a leaf. When the candle is lit, the candle’s flame glows through leaf shaped glass giving out a brilliant silhouette.

Fall Leaf Wine Bottle Stoppers too are an amazing cheap wedding favors ideas. For years these will consistently come quite handy. Available in both bronze and copper these wine stoppers are quite tapered to the end with a cutout design of a maple leaf which makes it an easy grip.

One of the best in cheap wedding favors ideas are candy dishes shaped like a maple leaf; and no, these are not only for our Canadian readers!. Made from ceramic these dishes come in Fall colors like gold, green and burnt orange with a raised vein detail. Incorporate fun into it by filling it with colorful candy sprinkles. Wrap the dishes with cellophane wrap and bow tie it with a gold satin ribbon.

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