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Designer Black Diamond Engagement Rings – A Must-See Trend!

By September 9, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Designer Diamond Engagement RingsWhen you finally decide it is time to tie the knot, the second thing you may worry about is where to buy the ring. You may also be worrying about buying the perfect ring for your bride to be. There are many beautiful rings to choose from. You should think about designer engagement rings. If you want to surprise your lady with something truly unique, these are the rings for you!

Just because they are black in color, it does not mean these are not real diamonds. They are one hundred percent as real as colorless diamonds. These designer diamond engagement rings get their color from one of two ways. They can either get their satiny black color by the graphite inclusions located around the diamonds or they can be enhanced by a safe form of irradiation and heat.

The designer black diamond engagement rings have the same engagement ring cuts as colorless diamonds but have an entirely different look. When deciding which of the many designer diamond engagement rings are right for you, be sure that the beautiful black color is even.

You will find many designers using black diamonds in their jewelry these days. Even celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor have been known to wear black diamond jewelry. This is something completely different and beautiful to surprise you lady with. If she is not one to follow the pack, this may be the perfect ring for her. You may even find black diamonds in some Edwardian engagement rings. You can even check out one of the hottest jewelry designers, Lorraine Schwartz engagement rings. She has designed many engagement rings and other jewelry for celebrities and their weddings or other red carpet events. While not used often, you may even find De Beers engagement rings that use black diamonds.

Designer Black Diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more popular and trendy. These are definitely worth thinking about purchasing if you want something spectacular that your bride to be will never forget.

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