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Flower Girl Dresses

Designer Flower Girl Dresses – New Fashion Trends Explained!

By July 29, 2012No Comments

Designer Flower Girl DressesDesigner flower girl dresses are fun to shop for and make little ladies feel like a princess when assisting you on your big day. Be sure flower girls look their best and are up to date on the latest fashion trends as they drop petals down the aisle and complete your look as well as your leading ladies dressed in designer bridesmaid dresses.

Currently the hottest colors for bridal party dresses are ivory, grey, and various shades of blue. Navy blue flower girl dresses are similar to black but are slightly lighter and less gloomy. Royal blue flower girl dresses are also popularly worn in spring and summer weddings. Grey toned dresses are popular during any season and look fresh and trendy when paired with a bright yellow bouquet. Ivory is also a popular shade due to the vintage movement in which these light colored, antiquated dresses featured in lace and in other vintage embellishments are back in a big way.

Couture flower girl dresses are among the new wedding fashion trends for flower girls. Getting a dress specially designed to fit the style and body needs of the little girl guarantee a beautiful look and fit. Although expensive, these designer flower girl dresses will make the little princess feel happy and beautiful on your big day because it is designed specifically for her.

Adding tutus to designer flower girl dresses are very trendy. Many sites and stores can be visited to obtain a custom tutu that complements your wedding party color scheme. Sparkles and other embellishments on the tutu will add an instant element of style and glamour.

Princess cut flower girls’ dresses are very popular in the wedding world. The bodice top cinches at the waist while the tulle skirt hem line flares out and creates a bold and dramatic look for a young lady. Often these puffy dresses are worn with a sparkling tiara.

Feathers are also very hot in the fashion world and are featured on wedding party dresses in a variety of ways. Whether featured as an embellishment on the dress’ straps or worn on the bottom of the dress, feathers are fun and feminine. They can even be worn in a flower girl’s hair to work the trend without being worn on the dress itself.
Designer flower girl dresses can be worn in a variety of ways to look up to date and chic on your wedding day.

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