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Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses – Tea Length or Knee Length?


Destination Wedding Bridesmaid DressesAruba? Rome? How about New York City? Wherever you choose to wed, one thing you want to consider are your destination wedding bridesmaid dresses. Dresses are chosen by brides because they love the color, cut, and style of the dresses, but when searching for destination bridesmaid dresses, the bride must consider the location, venue, and bridesmaids’ needs.

If tying the knot on by the sea, there are a large variety of beach bridesmaid dresses to choose from that come an array of colors, patterns, and lightweight materials. Take into consideration the time of day you are planning on exchanging your vows. Chances are, the weather will be warm, so short bridesmaid dresses may be best to keep your girls comfortable, light, and airy. If you are choosing to exchange vows by candlelight on the beach, long and flowing bridesmaid dresses will look more formal, romantic, and elegant as they sway in the ocean breeze.

Another great compromise between short dresses and long gowns are tea length bridesmaid dresses. They are great for afternoon into evening weddings and provide a more formal look while keeping bridesmaids cool and staying mess free and stress-free, out of the sand. Tea length dresses skim slightly below the knees, leaving most of the calf exposed, so brides also like tea length destination wedding bridesmaid dresses because shoes or lack thereof can be seen.

If tying the knot in a big city like Rome, New York, Los Angeles, or even Philadelphia, the amount of casualness in the ceremony and reception location determines the type of destination wedding bridesmaid dresses that will fit your needs. If planning on doing a quick vow outdoor exchange in the middle of Times Square or in front of a sentimental or significant spot to your relationship like in front of a museum, in a park, or in the restaurant where you first met; short bridesmaid dresses are the way to go, as long as the ceremony is taking place during spring, summer or warm fall weather. If you have selected to exchange vows and have a ceremony indoors in a big city, tea length dresses look more formal, elegant, and effortless.
No matter where you decide to say your “I do’s,” be sure to take time to consider and search for destination wedding bridesmaid dresses that play the part appropriately on your big day.

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