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Flower Girl Dresses

Discount Flower Girl Dresses – How To Spot Cheap Quality?

By January 21, 2013No Comments

Discount Flower Girl DressesIf you are worried that purchasing discount flower girl dresses will leave your little lady in a cheap looking dress, be sure to know how to spot what is considered to be quality craftsmanship and what is not. Read on to learn how materials, silhouettes, and embellishments team up to create a winning look, while still remaining affordable.

First, know your fabrics. The most popular fabrics that are featured on flower girl dresses are chiffon, silk, organza, and jersey cotton. Chiffon flower girl dresses are the most sought after and are also have the most imposters. Beware of shopping online sites that claim they are selling you a chiffon dress but send you something that feels rough, is super shiny, have mismatched seams and strings and thread hanging from it. This happens frequently when discount flower girl dresses are purchased online. They appear one way in a perfect photo on tye website, and look differently once in your possession.

Also, many gowns that are reduced in price claim to be designer flower girl dresses, when in fact they have designer labels sewn into no name designs. You can easily tell this has occurred when the label is sewn into the dress in different colored thread than what is used to secure together the dress. You can recognize it as well if you know what the actual designer label print should look like.

You can also tell if a dress is cheap quality if its color is faded. This can be spotted easily in green flower girl dresses that appear as if their fabric has been used or washed a few too many times. This type of material will certainly cost less, but also look cheap.

Embellishments sewn on dresses in the form of crystals, flowers, and feathers can also appear cheap if not done properly or a high quality embellishment is used. For example, if you are shopping for beach flower girl dresses and you notice that a sash is not attached securely, a floral embellishment is plastic, or if some of the rhinestones’ are loose, that is not a good dress to invest in, regardless of its sale price because you will send more money fixing it than being able to wear it as is.

In order to spot discount flower girl dresses with cheap quality, shop reputable sites that are known for producing high quality gowns but also boasting amazing sales. David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo are sites you definitely have to check out in order to get high quality for less. Etsy also boasts handmade gowns that are not mass produced and can be made in any material you request, while still remaining quite affordable.

Now that you know how to spot cheap looking discount flower girl dresses, you will be sure to keep your eyes peeled for imperfections and imposters!

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