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Wedding Decoration

DIY Wedding Decorations – Vintage Ideas

By August 17, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

DIY Wedding DecorationsDIY wedding decorations are extremely popular, especially with the trendiness of vintage weddings in 2011. Do-it-yourself wedding décor can also be a huge relief on your budget. Both vintage wedding decoration ideas and diy wedding decorations can be very affordable and can not only be simple, but with a little creativity, can be elaborate as well. After an afternoon of hitting antique shops, you can find almost all of the décor you will need for a vintage wedding. Many small items abandoned on dusty antique store shelves will turn into fun and unique accessories. Look for old books, hatpins, snuff boxes, frames, gravy boats, dishes and old silk flowers. These items placed on tables at your reception will look both expensive and beautiful!

There are many wedding centerpiece ideas for vintage weddings. Old hat boxes, antique frames with older pictures of your family, birdcages turned into lanterns – all of these items are easy to acquire and add the vintage look you are seeking. Another easy touch with diy wedding decorations is decorated wedding arches. You can “vintage up” a wedding arch with several different accessories. Hang a chandelier inside the arch, wrap yellowed bunting decorated with dried flowers around the legs of the arch. Place an antique couch inside the arch with old suitcases or hatboxes. Have a grandfather clock inside the arch to symbolize the time you will spend together. Small and elegant touches will give your wedding arch a vintage and unique look.

The easiest of all diy wedding decorations are wedding balloon decorations. While balloons do not have a vintage look per say, they can be added to different vintage décor to help alleviate the cost of someone decorating for you, or an all-vintage motif which can get pricey whether you antique shop or choose contemporary vintage décor. Selectively placed balloons will add a full and colorful look to your wedding decorations. “Doing it yourself” when it comes to your wedding accessories will not only help with the financial aspect of your wedding, but will add a personal touch to your special day.

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