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Double Breasted Suit Vs Single For Wedding?

By August 9, 2012No Comments

Double Breasted Suit Grooms, just like brides, have many options when it comes down to a perfect wedding day look. A double breasted suit and a single breasted suit are the most popular style suits for today’s mens formal wear. Read on to learn about how to choose the perfect tux for your groom and ideal groomsmen attire that is appropriate for your wedding venue and wedding day theme.

Before you consider mens suit styles, you need to have the type of wedding you desire in mind. This means you need to decide if you are going to have a formal or informal church or outdoor ceremony, and a casual or black tie affair when it comes down to your wedding reception. Once you make those pertinent decisions, you can help your groom and his groomsmen pick out a double breasted tuxedo or suit; or a single breasted tuxedo or suit.

Double breasted is the way to go if you are having a church ceremony. Whether your groom wears a tux or a double breasted suit, church ceremonies require more formal looking attire. A tuxedo will always look more formal than a suit, so use your judgment. If you are exchanging vows in a church like St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a city destination wedding, opt for the tux. If you are exchanging vows at your local church, opt for a suit.

Single breasted tuxes are great for a fancy outdoor ceremony. Whether saying your “I do’s” in a woodland chapel or even on a boat or at a beach club, the single breasted tux will look casual but appropriate for your ceremony and venue. If you are planning on having a casual outdoor, backyard, or afternoon beach wedding, your groom will look best in a casual and light weight single breasted suit.

When considering the groomsmen’s attire, the same rules apply. Have them wear a double breasted suit for formal ceremonies and receptions, and a single breasted suit for casual affairs.
If a vintage wedding is what you desire, the groom and his men should wear a double breasted suit. This style element on grooms and his men from the vintage era were worn in light or grey colors and were buttoned and double breasted. Opt for suits that have antiquated button embellishments or longer jacket hemlines to get the most authentic vintage style and feel for your wedding party.

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