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Eco Friendly Wedding Supplies

By September 7, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Eco Friendly Wedding SuppliesGreen weddings are a very popular “theme” when it comes to planning your special day. You do not have to sacrifice the look of your dream wedding to make green choices when deciding on which vendors you want to help with all of your wedding details. Eco friendly wedding supplies are easy to come by and will help you start your life together in a healthy way by making responsible and earth-friendly decisions. From your wedding invitations to your wedding dress, you can use eco friendly wedding supplies for every aspect of your special day.

The first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding is your wedding invitation. This is probably the easiest way to go green when it comes to your wedding. An online invitation will not only save you possibly hundreds of dollars, it will definitely save the environment! If a hard copy invite is what you want, there are still many ways to benefit your pocket book and Mother Earth. Whether you want customized wedding invitations or even unusual wedding invitations, you can choose recycled cardstock for your invites and ask that your guests RSVP buy calling a designated person to record all of the answers to the invitation.

Consider eco friendly wedding supplies when it comes to your wedding favors. Trinkets made of plastic that will be tossed in a drawer or thrown out are nice for the moment, but will cost you money and hurt the environment. Candy as wedding favors can help solve this problem and you can again choose recycled materials when you purchase your wedding candy buffet bags. Not only will candy assist with nature friendly decisions about party favors, but it can also help your budget as you can order it in bulk pricing by ordering your wedding supplies online.

Eco friendly wedding supplies will help save the environment and they can also save you money. From inviting people online to choosing favors that are not made of plastic, you will be green and save green during your white wedding.

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