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Elegant Country Barn Wedding Decorations Ideas On The Cheap

By March 7, 2017January 11th, 2018No Comments

Barn Wedding DecorationsA country bridal ceremony can be very rustic and chic. Barn wedding decorations can also be minimal and ultra-affordable since the barn itself serves as a main decorative element of the site for your special day. Read on to learn about some elegant ideas on the cheap to decorate your country inspired bridal setting.

Many brides to be are now turning to vintage fashion and décor for inspiration when planning their big day. There are a few country vintage wedding decorations you must consider to add interest and set the tone in your country barn event. Consider borrowing your family’s milk glass table ware and wrapping polished silver utensils in a dainty burlap wrap, secured with twine. You can also slip a single Sweet Pea between the napkin and twine to add a floral country touch. Be sure to place small mason jars to use as beverage containers to drink from.

Borrowing these common country and vintage household items are a great way to save money since renting them from party rental companies can be expensive. It’s the perfect way to incorporate old with new, and vintage into a country setting for barn wedding decorations.

When it comes to wedding guest book alternatives, be super creative by having your guests sign not a book, but a pair of boots! You may have a weathered pair of cowboy boots around your home, or your elder family members may be willing to donate their lightly used pair. Guests can sign their name on them with a black permanent marker. This idea would compliment your bridesmaids’ casual short dresses with boots! You can also place these barn wedding decorations into a small glass encased frame and hang them as a piece of art in your home to reflect back on your country themed celebration!

You can also spruce up your wedding dessert buffet or appetizer table with some rustic horseshoes! These functional pieces can be found in many barns but also serve as unique yet appropriate decorations for a barn theme. Don’t forget to place some mini cacti in pots that reflect your wedding party’s colors if this country wedding is taking place in the south west!

Rustic wedding cakes also serve as barn wedding decorations themselves by sitting prominently on a cake table. Load up the cake with wildflowers in between its layers, lay some lariats around the table, and even consider placing whimsical country western figurines around the cake, which can be purchased for about a dollar per piece at many flea markets or antique stores.

If you are in need of great decorations ideas on the cheap for your upcoming country wedding, consider some of the easy and affordable suggestions above to ensure a cheap but uniquely toned and elegant setting!

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