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Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses – Which Groomsmen Suits Color?

By November 11, 2012No Comments

Emerald Green Bridesmaid DressesNothing looks more complementary than emerald green bridesmaid dresses -especially for fall and winter months! However, many brides-to-be struggle with pairing these green bridesmaid dresses with groomsmen attire. Which color for the suits will look best for groomsmen to wear with green bridesmaid dresses? Read on to find out how to select the best shade of formal suits for men for your wedding day!

A light grey suit will always look wonderful with a number of bridesmaid dresses, but especially emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Grey, whether it is worn in the form of a light stone hue or a charcoal grey tone; serves as a neutral base much like colors such as black, brown, and beige. Light grey and emerald green are also similar because they have cool hues with very discreet blue undertones so the two colors are a match made in heaven!

One of the trendiest ways to mix the two complementary colors is to have bridesmaids wear the tone on mermaid bridesmaid dresses and have the groomsmen wear double breasted light grey suits with an emerald green tie or pocket handkerchief. This looks vintage and chic, which are two of the most popular wedding themes and looks of the year!

Off-white suits worn by the groomsmen will also enhance emerald green bridesmaid dresses. The two tones paired together are especially ideal for spring weddings. Off-white groomsmen suits will also serve as a neutral base and will complement a bride’s white, ivory, or champagne colored wedding dress with ease and without overpowering the wedding party’s overall look.

Classic black suits will also look great in wedding party photographs for groomsmen as they are standing next to bridesmaids wearing emerald green dresses. While the two tones give off a slightly retro look and feel, they absolutely work together. The jewel tone of the emerald dresses will also stand up to fall foliage and autumn colors for fall weddings.

Emerald green bridesmaid dresses are a fool proof choice for bridal party dresses. They look great on a variety of skin tones and will photograph beautifully. The role of the groomsmen’s suits should be to completely accent this pretty color. By choosing one of the colors described above, you can be sure to help your groomsmen achieve a complementary look with the very versatile emerald green tone!

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