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Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dresses Plus Size – Do’s And Don’ts!

By February 1, 2013No Comments

Empire Waist Bridesmaid DressesEmpire waist bridesmaid dresses are extremely popular with plus size figures. They are able to enhance curves and provide ample coverage in all the right spots. This style can be worn during virtually any season and incorporate design embellishments like sashes, sparkles, and sleeves. Read on to learn about some do’s and don’ts when choosing this stylish silhouette for plus size bridesmaid dresses.


1. Do select a dark tone when possible. The darker the dress, the more concealing and complementary it will look on plus size figures. Emerald green bridesmaid dresses are always a classy and flattering choice that can be worn during each of the seasons.

2. Do choose an empire waist bridesmaid dress if one of your bridesmaids are pregnant. They make great maternity bridesmaid dresses because the gowns are cinched just below the bust and they do not cling to the lower portion of the body, so there will be plenty of room for growing baby bumps.

3. Do choose a dress that is lined to provide some extra coverage and that is composed of chiffon. The dresses will move with bridesmaids’ bodies and are able to provide structure and support to large plus size frames.

4. Choose empire waist gowns that have intricate detailing around the bust line to draw the eye upward.

5. Opt for an empire waist silhouette that boasts draping and ruching around the middle to conceal a large bottom half.


1. Do not choose empire waist ivory bridesmaid dresses because light colors make bodies appear larger and make some lumps and bumps more noticeable.

2. Stay away from shiny and clingy fabrics like silk and jersey cotton. While they feel comfortable to wear, these empire waist bridesmaid dresses will draw attention to the areas on your body that you wish to conceal.

3. Don’t have your plus sized bridesmaids wear a sleeveless or strapless empire waist gown if they have a very large bust or arms. Many empire waist gowns are designed with cap sleeves or full sleeves to help support a large upper half, while looking completely elegant and flattering.

4. Don’t encourage your bridesmaids to wear an empire waist on a fit and flare dress. Opt for gowns that feature draping, rather than a body hugging silhouette.

5. Never have your plus sized bridesmaids wear very light colored dresses. Darker tones will make them look more slender and shapely.

Empire waist bridesmaid dresses look great on every size and shape. The key to looking fabulous in these fit and flare gowns is to shop for a fabric and tone that will make bodies appear long, lean, and luxurious on your big day!

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