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Engagement Party Themes And Ideas – Travel Inspired!

By July 21, 2011July 4th, 2019No Comments

Throwing an engagement party? Looking for engagement party themes? Regardless of who organizes the event, the engaged couple themselves or their family and/or friends, consider a travel theme for the occasion! You can center the engagement party games and activities around your travel theme and host a great night.

To make it more memorable, choose a travel theme that would have a special meaning to the couple, be it their favorite exotic vacation spot or a place they dream of visiting but never had a chance to. Whether you turn your home into Las Vegas for a casino night, or reserve an area at an Indian restaurant, or even throw a luau in your backyard, you can transport the happy couple and all of your guests to a faraway land with just a few decorations and some creative planning.

Imagine transforming your home into an around the world fantasy where every corner of the living room is decorated with colors corresponding to the chosen countries’ flags, symbols and souvenirs from those countries! You could even decorate the food and desert stations with framed photos of the engaged couple visiting those places, and have corresponding cuisine choices! You could have Thai spring rolls, Japanese sushi, French wine and cheese (, mini Greek souvlaki, and even Russian pancakes with red caviar, all under one roof! With such international food selection, your guests will sure be pleased.

There are many engagement party themes, but travel is both a fun and easy one to plan. You can even suggest engagement party gift ideas that highlight your theme. Perhaps everyone chips in on a gift certificate to an airline for the newlyweds-to-be. You could even organize a mini-getaway for the happy couple with a night’s stay in a nice hotel and dinner. However, remember that the gifts do not necessarily have to be related to the theme. There are many other engagement gifts for couples such as a spa package with a couples’ massage, a membership to a wine club, or a gift certificate for an engagement photographer. Engagement party themes and gifts do not have to match, especially if the couple has registered somewhere and needs certain items. If the couple has registered, be sure to put that information in your engagement party invites.

Here are some more engagement party themes (travel inspired!): throw a beach party, have a cruise theme, host a Mexican fiesta, an Italian or even a romantic French night! If you host the party in your home, you can even ask guests to dress up to accent whichever theme you choose. Whether they arrive in beachwear, sombreros or French pinstripe, the evening will be one to remember!

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