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Engagement Photographer In Chicago – Who Is The Best?

By July 26, 2011July 4th, 2019No Comments

Engagement PhotographerGetting engaged in Chicago? Finding the best Chicago wedding photographer is the key to capturing those special romantic memories that you will share with your spouse for years to come. Before you reach for you phone to dial an engagement photographer, read this article where we give a few tips how to find the best one.

Chicago similarly to any other big city in the US offers an array of professional engagement and wedding photographers. Navigating through such a wide selection of professionals is never easy, however, there are a few studios that have been around for a while and have won crowds of grateful clients.

Edward Fox Photography, Inc is one of the oldest in Chicago boasting its 100 year old history of serving customers. Edward Fox Photography can create most unique engagement and wedding photos to wow your friends and family.

Miller + Miller Wedding Photography is a husband and wife team that is very highly rated on the Yelp review site by hundreds of satisfied clients. Miller + Miller specializes in taking its photo shoots off the beaten path and to the special outdoor places in Chicago. You will feel like a true high fashion couple participating in their highly creative and professionally executed photo sessions

Laurie Peacock Photography is a great choice for an engagement photographer in Chicago due to her ability to show emotions through the pictures. Her pictures can truly tell a story and express feelings of happiness and romance that you and your fiancé will feel while looking at the photos years and years later.

Understanding that even the best rated engagement photographer might work for you and your fiancé is an important part of photo session planning. A photographer’s personality might not be the best match for you to bring out your best features to shine through on your photos. On the other hand, an engagement photographer who can make you feel at ease and accommodate your engagement photo requests will usually produce much better engagement pictures. An engagement photographer who takes some time to get to know you as a couple will find the best places in Chicago that will become the perfect background for your engagement photo poses. Perhaps, you have a favorite park, hotel, art gallery or a restaurant in Chicago that can become the main theme of your engagement photography. The best engagement photographer will help you pick among many engagement party themes to bring out your personalities.

Last but not least, an engagement photographer who can make you laugh and capture those fleeting moments of happiness and romance is the best engagement photographer for you!

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