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Engagement Portraits Beach Vs Studio – What To Choose?

By November 19, 2012No Comments

Engagement PortraitsIf you are newly engaged, you are probably considering getting engagement portraits taken. If you live near the beach, you may wish to use the surf and sand as a backdrop for your photograph. You may also opt for engagement photo poses in a studio. Read on to learn about some photographers near the beach that will get you the look you desire outside or in their studio, and some poses that are appropriate for each!

If you are romantic, non-traditional, and have an eye and artistic appreciation toward nature, you should consider engagement portraits beach setting option. There are a number of photographers in Tampa FL that have special packages, equipment, and poses for you to try, to ensure beautiful engagement photographs for you and your partner. You can also search for photographers in Pensacola FL who will also give you the option to pose for engagement portraits on the beach or in their studio.

What kind of outdoor beach photos should an engagement photographer set up for you? Some of the hottest trends capture couples informally strolling down the beach watching the sun set and frolicking in the ocean. You can also get creative and etch a message in the sand to stand next to. Couples who are going engagement portraits beach setting route, can write their initials in a giant heart in the sand or write the word “Love” and stand inside an oversized heart in the sand. These poses are certainly unable to be created in an indoor studio, and they also offer a strong and striking background, especially when photographs are taken in black and white.

If you are more traditional, you should consider sitting and posing inside a local photographer’s studio. They can adjust lighting so it is just right, pose you next to a timeless backdrop, and even offer informal poses in a structured and formal setting.

Many couples who opt for traditional engagement photographs to be taken in a studio, submit a photograph to their local newspaper, announcing their big news; while couples who opt to have engagement photos taken on the beach tend to post these images on Facebook and send a card of magnet to friends and family members via mail.

Whatever kind of engagement portraits you choose to sit for, make sure you find a photographer who will reflect your style, mood, and personality in order to capture the best images possible!

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