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Extravagant Wedding Cakes – Which Flavor And Style To Choose?

By August 15, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Extravagant Wedding CakesWedding receptions in the last couple years have seen more and more extravagant wedding cakes than in recent past years. The Bridal Association of America estimates that the average cost of a wedding cake is $541, which is pretty pricey. Extravagant wedding cakes can run a lot more than that, so make sure you know how many guests are attending and how may of them eat cake! While you may want gorgeous wedding cake for your reception, the last thing you want is to pay for it and then throw half of it away.

Modern wedding cakes are using additional design elements including flowers, ribbon or jewels to adorn each tier. Rustic wedding cakes can make for an affordable alternative to the high process of many extravagant wedding cakes. The decorations used on rustic cakes for weddings have an elaborate look so you are not sacrificing budget for extravagance. Victorian wedding cakes, on the other hand, can drive the price up, however they are very worth it! With each layer seated on ornate cake holders, and ribbons, brooches and flowers used as decoration, Victorian cakes for wedding are known for their intricate designs.

Extravagant wedding cakes may seem out of your budget, however there are tricks of the trade. If your heart is set on a highly decorated and gourmet cake, choose a smaller cake for display, and have a sheet cake ready in back for slicing and serving. This way, you can order your cake with as much decorating and detail as you want!

You can also choose different flavors of cake, as sheet cakes are not as expensive. The bride and the groom can choose a favorite flavor and icing for two separate sheet cakes. As an alternative to the most popular vanilla sponge or strawberries and cream flavors, consider trying more extravagant choices. Choosing a hazelnut praline and apricot cake, or an Italian rum cream and fruit cake, or even a Marzipan and chocolate cake with orange syrup will surely impress your guests!

Extravagant wedding cakes are a beautiful touch to any wedding reception, so find a cake designer who will work with your needs and ideas while inserting creativity of their own. From the cake topper, to each tier’s décor, your cake should match the look and feel of your wedding from the colors to the design. And don’t forget about wedding cupcakes! Wedding cupcakes can be extremely extravagant, and diverse in flavor, while lending a modern feel to your wedding cake choice.

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