Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Candles


Fall Wedding Centerpiece IdeasCandles are one of the must-have Fall wedding centerpiece ideas that bind every to-be-married couple. Ever an invariably an integral part of a wedding, they accentuate the ambience. Nothing can be compared to the gentle flicker and the soft glow of a candle that inspires a sense of romance and solemnity. Symbolizing hope and the everlasting nature of the bond of a newlywed, they add ambiance, elegance and luster to the wedding celebrations. Here are a few ways that you can feature candles in your Fall wedding decorations:

Unity candles; an incredibly elegant, beautiful and popular wedding tradition is the best way to add a little bit of grace and purity to your wedding. These candles symbolize the blending of the bride and groom into one tellthebell.

Come Fall and you are reminded of cinnamon. So, why don’t you add cinnamon scented candles as a part of your wedding centerpieces? Coming in every shapes and sizes and in every possible container like mason jars, which bring the Fall season right to the table. Or instead you can use candles with dried cinnamon sticks tied together around them with a red satin ribbon and berries or simple with twine.

Another Fall wedding centerpiece ideas with candles is putting up candelabrum with tapers as part of the Fall wedding table decorations. Reminiscent of the Victorian era, the candelabrums come in styles can range from timeless and classic to intricate and ornate. Usually seen in brass, you opt for ornate silver or crystal candelabrums for an aesthetic look for your wedding that will not only look classy but also create a wow factor.

Your Fall wedding centerpiece ideas can also include bowls or goblets of water with floating candles. It is one of the cheap wedding decoration ideas which can be easily bought in many stores (even online). Chic, beautiful and romantic, you can enhance the look of your centerpiece more by adding embeds like glass beads, rocks, colored beads etc.

And if you are planning a peacock themed wedding, then you can incorporate candles with intricate peacock designs as part of your peacock wedding decorations. From pillar candles to jeweled ones these bring out the same exquisiteness and elegance that can be seen in a peacock.

You can also try using candles as toppers for your wedding cake as a part of your fall wedding centerpiece ideas or small candles that can be adorned around the cake. The options don’t end here. There are other means like using votives, tea lights, pillars, in all shapes and sizes that make the wedding day decor.

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