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Finding A Destination Wedding Photographer – 10 Useful Tips!

By September 18, 2012No Comments

Destination Wedding PhotographerYour dream destination wedding certainly and without an inch of doubt, calls for a destination wedding photographer. Why shouldn’t it? You are getting married at an exotic location with picturesque landscapes and a destination wedding photographer is the one who can do justice to your wedding albums as he/she knows how to capture the exact moments at the exact time with the perfect backdrop. Though many photographers claim to be the best photographers, here are 10 useful tips to finding a destination wedding photographer that is both talented and reliable:

1. Hire a local but professional photographer i.e. one who is a resident or native of that destination. This is will surely turn in your favor as the destination wedding photographer will know the “how, when, where” to capture your moments. And the best way to hire the photographer is via emails or Skype (which is now the buzz word). Get to know each other via a short interview, get familiar with his or her photo style, discuss any creative ideas you may have for the photo shoot, and establish the relationship.

2. You can even hire a photographer from your own home town as this will give you the opportunity to get know each other face to face. But this doesn’t come easy as you have to pay their return fares, their hotel stay etc. apart from their fees.

3. Get familiar and enquire about wedding photography contracts. Ask and insist for a written contract which specifies the contact information of your photographer, the number of assistants he/she will have, numbers and kinds of cameras and film rolls he/she will use (or rather the size of the memory card used since everything is digital nowadays), number and dates of proofs you will receive, delivery dates, total cost, advance payment, payment dues, refunds etc.

4. Ask your buddies, family friends and relatives about their experiences with their destination wedding photographer and their recommendations with respect to finding one.

5. Dig deeper. Go through wedding websites like Weddingwire, The Knot, Yahoo, Google etc. Read forums, blogs. These websites will help you in zeroing your destination wedding photographer.

6. Look for and follow up with an engagement photographer. They might also become your wedding photographer if you liked their style of picture taking.

7. Attend wedding shows and bridal exhibitions. These will help you in finding the best photographer and reviewing their works as well.

8. A true destination wedding photographer knows the importance of your destination wedding gowns and does full justice to it by portraying it beautifully and not to forget your couture bridal shoes.

9. Buy magazines. These are also one of the best choices to finding the right photographer whose work is clearly visible to you.

10. Ask your photographer for his portfolio. What do you see? Pictures that have touched the right chord, that have you all choked up with mixed emotions? If that is the case…Congratulations! You have just found your perfect wedding photographer.

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