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Fingertip Veil With Ribbon Edge – 5 Wedding Dress Styles To Avoid

By December 21, 2012No Comments

Fingertip VeilIf you want to wear a fingertip veil with ribbon edge, there are certain wedding dress styles that will enhance the design of this traditional looking veil, while other dresses will look less than complementary. Read on to learn which 5 wedding dress styles you should avoid when wearing a fingertip veil on your wedding day.

1. Greek wedding dresses do not look complementary with a fingertip length veil with ribbon edge. The two pieces paired together will provide too much draping. Greek dresses are long and have a cape like look and feel, as does a fingertip length veil. Your best bet is to choose a veil that is simple and provides more contrast, like a drop veil.

2. Two piece wedding dresses are also a style to avoid. A fingertip length veil will draw attention to the fact that your dress is designed as a separate because it will enhance the middle and bottom section of your body, drawing all eyes toward the separation of the dress thanks to the layers of the veil.

3. Wedding dresses with sleeves should not be worn with a fingertip veil. If you choose to wear sleeves on your bridal gown, you should be able to show them off! A fingertip length veil will cover them up and take emphasis away from gowns that boast lace sleeves or sheer and silky sleeves.

4. Avoid long dresses with cap sleeves. The veil’s layers and ribbon edge will fall on the shoulders before cascading down toward your middle, making the two together look confusing and less than complementary.

5. If you are going to wear a short wedding dress, stick with a bridal fascinator with a netted veil, rather than a fingertip length veil. The two styles clash, as the short dress and short veil create a retro chic vintage look, while a fingertip length veil, with or without ribbon edge, is more of a traditional design.

In addition to avoiding these 5 styles of bridal gown, be sure that your wedding hair with veil looks complementary as well. A fingertip veil looks best on hair that has two sides pulled up, which creates balance between the veil and the long dress.

When it comes to wedding veil styles, many brides to be love and look lovely when wearing a fingertip veil. Be sure to avoid the five dresses above to ensure a winning wedding day look!

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