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Floral Bridesmaid Dresses – Avoid The Grandma Look!


Floral Bridesmaid DressesFloral bridesmaid dresses look classy, sophisticated, and pretty for spring, summer, and tropical destination weddings. One thing to watch out for is that the floral print bridesmaid dresses do not create a grandma look on your girls. Follow these easy guidelines when shopping for floral printed bridesmaid dresses.

Too many small flowers may look too busy and will be hard to make out the design and color detailing from a distance. Also, super small prints only flatter small structured ladies. Wearing two tone bridesmaid dresses helps dilute this tiny print by incorporating a solid color top or bottom but still modeling the print in smaller doses.

A floral print dress tends to look busy, so consider doing more plain colored flowers. Dresses that stick to one flower print in simple neutral tones like pink, ivory, or green can avoid the grandma look. Black and white floral prints look elegant and very formal when worn in one print flower in a modest size. Black and white floral bridesmaid dresses are also easy to incorporate a pop of bright color like pink or red accents.

A bride to be must also take their bridesmaid’s body shapes into consideration before shopping for floral bridesmaid dresses. Wearing tiny flower patterns emphasize a large body, making it seem larger in comparison to the print. Large flowers also emphasize a pear-shaped figure, making the bottom portion of the dress appear larger and unflattering. The same rule applies to ladies with a large bust line. Wearing a large floral print will make her appear even larger.

Flower patterns that flatter the body are typically strategically placed. A floral bodice and a dark bottom is the ultimate flattering bridesmaid look if wearing separate pieces. Flowers shapes in general should be medium-sized, so they are not too large or small and emphasize an already large or curvy body. Floral appliques pinned near the collarbone or applied to ruching at the waist of a dress puts a modern twist on dresses that incorporate floral elements.

Another way to avoid the grandma look is to search for dresses that incorporate youthful and feminine elements into the floral dresses like polka dots, swirls, or stripes. These complementary patterns break up the floral print and look playful and whimsical.

When searching for floral bridesmaid dresses, follow some of the helpful tips above to guarantee success with this precious and pretty print.

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