Flower Hair Pieces For Weddings – Real Flowers Vs Fake


Flower Hair Pieces For WeddingsFlower hair pieces for weddings are becoming more and more popular. Oversized flowers seem to be the biggest trend at the moment. Large fake flowers, placed prominently on a bridal headpiece, will definitely garner attention! However, real flowers are not off the A-list yet. Roses placed into bridal crowns, or small daisies held in place by bridal hair clips are also popular choices this year.

Traditionally, the bridal headpiece has been a veil, but many women are opting for flower hair pieces for weddings. Whether you select fake or real flowers, you can hold them in place for the entire day with a bridal hair comb. Real flowers will accentuate the bouquet (if the bouquet is made of real flowers, of course), however, they may not last the entire day and night if your wedding is followed by pictures, a cocktail hour, dinner and a reception. You do not want to end the night with dead flowers in your hair! Flower hair pieces for weddings can accommodate a long day by simply choosing fake flowers for your headpiece. The fake flowers can be dyed to perfectly match your bridesmaids’ dresses and they will last for years to come as a memory for the bride and her bridesmaids and flower girls. If the bride chooses real flowers, there are places that will preserve the flowers so that the bridal crown can be saved as well.

If the bride does want to wear a veil, there are flower hair pieces for weddings that incorporate (cmtrading) flowers into a veiled headpiece. Fake flowers are the easiest to accommodate, however a creative florist can work with the tiara or the hair comb on the veil and place beautiful fresh flowers along the top of the veil.

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