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Funny Bridal Shower Question Game – 20 Questions For Bride

By January 24, 2013No Comments

Bridal Shower Question GameIf you want to get some laughs at your upcoming shower, consider playing a funny bridal shower question game to see how well a bride can answer questions about her future partner! Read on to learn 20 must ask funny bridal shower trivia questions.

First, the bridal party has to pull together to poll the bride’s future partner prior to the shower. Here is a list of questions you should consider asking them for the bridal shower question game to get some laughs going:

1. What is the silliest thing you have ever argued about?
2. If your partner could improve one article of his wardrobe, what would it be?
3. What do you love most about your fiance’s looks?
4. What is your partner’s pet peeve?
5. Where is the cheesiest music CD does your fiancé listen to?
6. If your future husband could improve one thing about his personality, what would it be?
7. What is your most embarrassing moment as a couple?
8. Which cartoon character does your future husband most remind you of?
9. Name several craziest places where you both kissed?
10. Do you prefer that your fiancé wears pajamas or goes “au naturel” to bed?
11. Does your partner have a funny birthmark on their body and where is it located?
12. Whose singing is able to crack glass? Yours or your fiance’s?
13. Can your partner just boil water or cook a gourmet 5 course meal?
14. Is he a “beer and pizza” or “wine and tapas” kind of guy?
15. What’s his most annoying past times?
16. What article of clothing does your fiance own that makes you cringe?
17. Would you rather be stranded on an island with your future in-laws or your worst enemy?
18. Name a purchase that you think your fiance hid from you.
19. Using one letter only, list three adjectives that describe your future hubby that all start with the same letter.
20. If your partner could be any animal, which one would they be?

The bride to be must answer the question throughout the funny bridal shower question game as her fiance would, to determine how well she knows him. This is one of the most popular and favorite bridal shower games and activities to participate in, because everyone learns something about the bride’s partner, and the game always gets a chuckle.

You can also reverse this game and ask the bride-to-be’s partner these questions, and she can give her answer to compare how close her future husband was to the actual truth! It can still be one of the best bridal shower games to play, no matter which spin you put on it!

Playing the funny bridal shower question game is sure to be a hilarious, eye opening moment for both parties involved!

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