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Funny Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas For Best Friend

By November 27, 2012No Comments

Maid Of Honor SpeechIf you have been offered a role of the maid of honor in your best girlfriend’s wedding, you need to begin working on your maid of honor speech. How can you create a speech that is charming, witty, and funny while remaining sincere? Read on to learn about a few funny wedding toasts and speeches to give to your favorite, newly married friend.

Following popular wedding traditions, a maid of honor speech goes right after the best man’s. Giving a speech for a friend is different than giving a maid of honor speech for sister. One way to keep the attention of the guests and newly wedded couple is to make your speech concise and meaningful. Long speeches get talked over, become daunting for guests to listen to, and can sometimes hold up the scheduled events of the reception.

If the couple has incorporated humorous wedding vows, the sky is the limit when delivering your maid of honor speech. You can include funny details about both the bride and groom since it will complement the joking theme of the wedding. You can recount silly details the bride has shared with you as she dated the groom, and even poke fun at some of the things the couples argued about, offering some sound advice in a fun way. It’s important to keep the speech classy and not cross the boundaries of accepted etiquette.

If the couple has not incorporated humor into their wedding vows, and the reception is more formal, keep your speech short. Share a few personal jokes between you and the bride, and incorporate sound marriage advice for the future of the couple by including some popular wedding quotes into your speech.

Interviewing both the bride and the groom prior to the wedding is a great idea revealing some of their answers about what they expect from marriage, why they love each other and their hopes for the future. This way you can put your own humorous twists on their answers.

It certainly is not easy to stand up in front of a crowd and deliver a humorous speech. Remember to be relaxed, not force humor, and not rush through the speech so some of your jokes have a moment to resonate with your audience.

Most of all, make sure that you maid of honor speech is meaningful and will not only make your best friend giggle, but smile at your sincerity and creativity!

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