Gray Tuxedos For Weddings 2011 Trends


Gray Tuxedos For WeddingsAre gray tuxedos for weddings the new black tuxedos? When it comes to mens tuxedos weddings are usually the first thing we think of. We always envision the groom and groomsmen dressed all in black, matching cummerbunds to bridesmaids walking down the aisle. However, grooms suits, and gray tuxedos for weddings are a definite trend in 2011.

Mens wedding attire was pretty stagnant for many years, as black formal tuxes were the accepted attire for grooms and groomsmen. Women’s bridal fashions continued to grow, however men remained in their “penguin suits”. This year is a pretty exciting change to the normal black and white formal wear. Many colors go with gray, so the bridesmaid’s dresses can still add a splash of color to the gray tuxedos for weddings with accessories such as boutonnières or silk handkerchiefs Art Dubai, bowties or vests. However, cummerbunds are not a popular accessory in 2011. The less formal men’s tie is being seen more and more this year.

There is an advantage to a black tuxedo – it can be worn to several formal events after the wedding. But if you are renting your tux, or if you want to stand apart from tradition, gray tuxedos for weddings are the way to go. There are several shades of gray you can choose from, and you can also choose a tailored suit in order to wear it again. Don’t forget to match your tuxedo shirt to your tuxedo. Tuxedo shirt styles range from the extremely formal to a tuxedo shirt worn for a beach wedding. You can choose from a mandarin collar, a lay down collar or a wing tip collar. Your tuxedo shop will know which tuxedo shirt was created for which tuxedo style. One trendy way to wear your gray tuxedo is to select a tuxedo shirt that is not white. A different shade of gray, a midnight blue, black, or even a lavender tuxedo shirt will make your gray tux stand out and look even trendier.

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