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Grey Suit For Wedding – What Color Shirt To Choose?

By August 5, 2012No Comments

Grey SuitWearing a grey suit for your wedding looks modern and complements a variety of other colors. A lighter alternative to black, grey is also a neutral tone that can be worn for weddings taking place during any season of the year. Whether you choose wedding tuxedos or a double breasted suit, wearing grey is the trendy way to go. Read on to learn which shade of grey you should choose and some accent colors that will make your suit stand out but also complement your wedding party’s color scheme.

As a groom, you can choose to wear a light grey suit for weddings taking place during spring and summer months or a charcoal grey suit for weddings taking place during fall or winter months. You also have many options when it comes to choosing a color for your tuxedo shirt, vest, or tie.

If you are a lover of tradition, stick with classic white to be worn under your suit’s jacket. Crisp and clean, a white button up shirt and tie are always in style.

If you are open to color, there are a variety of accent colors that look great with a grey suit. For weddings taking place during fall or winter months, try silver. Silver vests can have a sheer and shiny quality and complement bridesmaid’s dresses, especially those featured in jewel tones. Crimson is also a unique color to pair with grey around the holidays. Both tones have color qualities that complement each other.

If you are tying the knot during spring or summer months, pale yellow is an interesting and unique way to incorporate a pop of color into your look. Pale pink or pastel blue are two other shades that lighten up a grey suit.

Generally, when pairing two colors together, you need to consider the color wheel. Colors are complementary when they are across from each other on the wheel, rather than directly next to each other. Because grey, like black and white; is considered to be a neutral tone, it can virtually be paired with any color. From purple to blue, or even orange, you have many color choices and ways to accent your wedding day look.

Choosing a grey suit is the more modern alternative to wearing a black or white tux. Be sure to wear a color that not only complements your overall wedding day look, but your personal taste as well.

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