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Groomsmen Attire For Outdoor Wedding


Groomsmen AttireIf you are having an outdoor wedding, you have many options for your groomsmen attire. Outdoors can be just as formal as a huge cathedral wedding, or it can be a casual affair. In any event, mens wedding attire can be catered to the color theme or outdoor look of your wedding. Once you know what your bridesmaids are wearing, choosing the groomsmen attire will be very simple!

If you have always dreamed of a very formal wedding, you can choose the traditional tuxedo for your wedding outdoors. But if you are getting married outside, there are several options for groomsmen attire that will look just as great as a black and white tux. You can even dress your ring bearer or younger groomsmen to match with kids tuxedos.

Gray tuxedos for weddings are a popular trend and will add to the class and style of your ceremony. If you like the gray tuxedo look, you can enhance the gray with splashes of color on a tie, bowtie, ascot or vest. If you want something a little less formal, but you do not want casual groomsmen attire, look at mens suit styles. All of your groomsmen dressed in navy blue suits or even khaki suits will look sharp as they stand at the altar. Linen suits are also a great alternative for lighter clothing if you are getting married during a warmer time of year.

If your wedding is more casual, due to the outside venue, you can allow your groomsmen to have some fun with their clothing options. Black shorts with tuxedo shirts, khaki pants with suspenders, or even suit pants and vests with no suit jacket are all wedding looks that have worked handsomely before. Have your groomsmen wear something that matches the color of your bridesmaids and consider having some fun with the attire. Groomsmen usually prefer anything but an ultra formal tuxedo anyway!

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