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Guide To Flattering Wedding Dress Shapes For Broad Shoulders

By November 21, 2012No Comments

Wedding Dress ShapesIf you have broad shoulders there are a few wedding dress shapes that will look most complementary with your figure. Read on to learn which types of silhouettes you should consider as you look for your wedding dress in stores and online.

The biggest mistake brides to be make is not shopping for a specific wedding dress for body type. They purchase a dress they fall in love with by looks in a magazine, and tend to neglect the way its silhouette frames their figure. Nothing looks less than feminine then when wedding dress shapes add to and increase the look of broad shoulders. Ladies with broad shoulders will benefit from baring their shoulders and drawing attention to their slim waist by placing a decor element at the waist line and a full skirt helping to balance off broadness of the top.

If you have broad shoulders, you should consider trumpet style wedding dresses. These fit and flare gowns take the attention off your shoulders and emphasizes the hips, waist, and bottom portion of the bride. If you have a fit figure, trumpet style gowns will hug and enhance every curve.

Knee length wedding dresses are also a great option for brides who have broad shoulders. Again, the key to choosing the right wedding dress is balance. You can play up your favorite features and downplay the ones that need less attention on them. Knee length dresses are also popular wedding dress shapes with broad shoulder brides because they are playful and the short hemline draws the eye toward shapely legs. Many non-traditional brides to be even expose their wedding garters as they walk down the aisle during their casual or destination wedding ceremonies.

If you are wearing a two tone wedding dress, be sure to select a traditional A-line silhouette and keep the top half of the dress dark, and the bottom half of the two piece dress light. The eyes will be drawn away from the upper portion of your body.

Sweetheart necklines also provide a little balance and add some femininity to strong, broad shoulders. The eye will instantly go toward the heart shaped scoop of the neckline and will not be left to linger at your shoulders.

By following these simple guidelines and choosing the best wedding dress shapes, you can ensure that your guests will gaze at your beautiful figure and not at your broad shoulders.

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