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Hawaii Beach Weddings Packages In Maui vs Kauai – What To Choose?

By September 20, 2012No Comments

Hawaii Beach WeddingsFor many couples, Hawaii beach weddings are the ultimate in beach wedding destinations. And they are not wrong. There’s something about it that draws couples from all over the world like a magnet. The fresh and floral air emanating from the tropical flowers, the warm tranquil waters, the breathtaking natural beauty…they just simply and silently calm you, reenergize and recharge you. The distinct experience is such that it is of no wonder that it is one of the top 10 destination wedding locations that couples flock it in numbers to get married.

As a “to-be-married” couple it is but natural that you will look for wedding destinations, venues etc. in and around Hawaii. Although there are eight islands that offer Hawaii beach weddings, the ones that are popular among couples are Kauai and Maui as they offer much better options and facilities in weddings packages.

If you are a couple who prefers Hawaii beach weddings amidst quiet and solitude, then your choice for Kauai wedding is justified. Going by the name “Garden Island,” it is a popular choice among couples as it is known its natural beauty. Keeping this mind many world-class resorts and hotels offer customized Kauai wedding packages that it has charmed one and all. Such is the rustic charm that the likes of Matt LeBlanc, Harrison Ford chose this destination as it is less touristy and offers un-crowded beaches.

Maui is another popular choice for Hawaii beach weddings that is seeing quite a rise. It is the home to many luxurious oceanfront resorts. As this island has one of the best beautiful beaches in the world it has become the numero uno choice for the high profile couples. As a result, Maui wedding packages have become very expensive i.e. accommodations, food etc. But the observing the enthusiasm of many couples who do not have a high profile, wedding planners are now coming up with wedding packages that will suit a penny pinched couple too.

The destination wedding Hawaii offers is undeniably an unforgettable experience, but it’s a hard decision to make as both Maui and Kauai islands are pieces of heaven on Earth. And choosing either of one is like enticing a child with two of its favorite flavors of ice cream. So which one of the Kauai and Maui wedding packages to choose is a decision you must make with your better half. If you ask us, we’d say check island photos, read travel reviews, and go with your instincts, preferences, references and most important of all, your budget.

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