How To Choose Wedding Dresses For Full Chested Body Types


Wedding Dresses For Body Types Wedding dresses for body types are specially designed to complement specific types of bodies. The three main types of body shapes are endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. No matter if your body is soft and round, athletic, or long and lean; bust sizes need to also be taken into consideration, especially when searching for a wedding dress.

When shopping for wedding dresses for body types such as full chested body types, a variety of popular and figure flattering silhouettes boast support and coverage, making your upper half look chic, perky, and firm. One dress that really embraces an elegant wedding day look and puts emphasis on a boast worthy bust line are princess wedding dresses. A full skirted hemline and a bodice top with a sweetheart neckline cinches the waist and pushes up the bust, providing support and style to the overall look.

A-line wedding dresses are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. The universally flattering silhouette looks best in a scoop neckline for big chested women. Avoiding boat neck cuts are best for full chested body types as they make the bust appear larger and wider.

Mermaid wedding dresses are a very popular cut for brides to be with slim yet hour glass figures. Also similar to trumpet wedding dresses, the flared silhouette is tight and hugs every curve, especially around the bust. Wearing these wedding dresses for body types such as the full chested figure in a halter cut serves two purposes-to look visually appealing and to provide support and coverage to large chests.

Opting for a wedding dress material that has some substance and shape to it, like taffeta and lace adds a layer of extra support. Women with full chested bodies should steer clear from light and sheer fabrics like silk and satin. They show every flaw and do not provide enough lift and support.

Large busted body types should also avoid selecting a wedding dress that has ruffles or large embellishments on the top of the gown. This draws the eyes to the chest and the extra layers, material, and appliques make the bust larger and create an unflattering top heavy look.

When shopping for wedding dresses for body types that include a full chested body, be sure to select a simple neckline that provides lift, coverage, and a flattering visual appeal.

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